MakeupGlam ProCleaner

🌀 Instant Clean & Dry: Wash and dry brushes in seconds.

💄 For All Brush Types: Works with any makeup brush..

💦 Deep Clean Technology: Removes makeup residue thoroughly.

Note: Only 6 units left in stock

Color: Model B-Black

Hygienic Makeup Application

Regular cleaning eliminates bacteria build-up, ensuring a healthier skin complexion.

Keep your makeup brush always clean

🤯 Quick and Efficient

Spend less time cleaning and more time creating. SwiftGlam ProCleaner cleans your brushes in under 30 seconds.

🥶Gentle Yet Effective

It's designed to be gentle on bristles, extending the life of your brushes while ensuring a thorough clean.

⌛Adaptable for Every Brush

From powder brushes to foundation brushes, SwiftGlam ProCleaner is your universal solution.

Revolutionize Your Makeup Game

Embrace the future of makeup hygiene. SwiftGlam ProCleaner keeps your brushes in prime condition.

30 Day Guarantee

We're confident you'll love it, but if you're not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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